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3. LEMO training (Spain, 22.6.-26.6. 2015)

Posted bysebastjanmon07 10 2015. Comments Off on 3. LEMO training (Spain, 22.6.-26.6. 2015)

The LEMO project team had another highly active training week. This time, it was june 2015, and this time the final destination was beautiful Spain.

What were we doing there? We had a great guide Jose who managed an interesting RACC overview of driving school department, foundation department and live platform manager. We also payed a visit to the URBASER facilities. URBASER is a private company that uses EV’s in its fleet in order to reduce harmful emissions while services are being done inside the Barcelona city (Garbage collection).It was also a very interesting presentation at eCooltra – Damián Martín, about how his company approaches the electric motorcicle business and develops the B2C and B2B providing comprehensive mobility solutions for proffesionals.

What did we also do? We visited eCooltra workshop at Montornès del Vallès and took a ride in different electric motorcicles they have in its portfolio, we saw Barcelona’s Metropolitan Transport (TMB) at Barcelona’s facilities to know more about the electric buses they are developing and using . Every LEMO partner school also did a thorough presentation about the LEMO project activities carried out and other “electric” activities. At La Salle Barceloneta at Barcelona we got an insight in good e-mobility teaching practices, while Clearchannel’s BICING sharing service (bikes) at Barcelona supports new business models that include sharing economy.

We also had the chance to participate at Electric Vehicle Education – Round table, participating 3 different institutions (SECARTYS, CREVE and La Salle Barceloneta) that actually do courses, modules or trainings related the electro-mobility in Catalonia region.

Once again, we gained a lot of knowledge and ideas about how we can transfer the electric mobility knowledge to our students. We are looking forward to further project activities and of course to the end result that will benefit the society in a sustainable way.


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