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Is it true that you would like to learn about electric mobility?

If you really do want to learn, then dive in the content that LEMO team produced for you. Get your basic knowledge through e-book chapters and then upgrade that knowledge through videos. You will be able to check how much have you learned after each video. You will have few second to figure out your answer on each qeustion and write it down. After you complete your short exam, video will provide you with correct answers.

electric-car-battery_1Lemo udžbenik

Električna vozila

Prije svega moramo shvatiti što je to električno vozilo. To je vozilo koje pokreće električni motor, koristeći električnu energiju pohranjenu u nekoj vrsti baterije ili drugom uređaju za pohranu.

Chapter (PDF): Električna vozila


Drive4Zero_ZoeLemo udžbenik

Osnove elektro mobilnosti

Elektro automobil je automobil koji pokreće jedan ili više elektro motora, koristeći električnu energiju pohranjenu u baterijama / akumulatoru.

Chapter (PDF): Osnove elektro mobilnosti

First electric carLemo udžbenik

Povijest elektro automobila

Povijest elektro automobila započela je sredinom 19. stoljeća, a izum elektro automobila pripisuje se raznim izumiteljima.


Chapter (PDF): Povijest elektro automobila


phv_step1_tcm40-26407Lemo udžbenik

Tipovi elektro vozila

Hibridni automobili su vozila koja koriste i standardni motor s unutarnjim izgaranjem i elektro motor.


Chapter (PDF): Tipovi elektro vozila


teslamodelS-1200x800Tesla Model S

Let your imagination loose with quickes, safest and most inovative electric car.


Watch video (YouTube): Tesla Model S


bmw-i3-fluid-blackBMW i3

Cruise around the city with this premium, urban carbon fiber electric vehicle.


Watch video (YouTube): BMW i3



Lemo udžbenik

EV vs IC vs Hybrid

Eco-friendly vehicles have emerged as an attractive alternative to gas-powered cars. Drivers looking to leave a smaller carbon footprint will also enjoy knowing that driving a fuel-efficient car is a financially smart move.

Chapter (PDF): EV vs IC vs Hybrid