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Training in Slovenia (1.12.-5.12.2014)

Posted bysebastjanmon29 01 2015. 1 Comment on Training in Slovenia (1.12.-5.12.2014)

LEMO partners successfully planned and implemented the first training in Slovenia. According to activities presented in the project proposal, participants from Finnland, Spain, Croatia and Slovenia discussed different topics regarding the electric mobility:

  • basic social, technological and economic concepts of electric mobility;
  • important legislation for EV charging;
  • best practices regarding the EV charging infrastructure in the EU …

Participants were able to get practical user experience about the electric vehicles with test drives in Tesla Model S, Nissan Leaf and Smart Electric Drive.


LEMO partners also visited School Center Celje (and were being shown their conversion of ICE vehicle into electric vehicle), Metron Institute (conversion of electric vehicles) and energy distribution company Elektro Ljubljana (regarding the future development of EV charging infrastructure).

Participants concluded training in Slovenia discussing activities and knowledge gained on the first LEMO project training. LEMO partners are looking forward to next training in Zagreb (Croatia) this spring.