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Training in Croatia (23.3.-27.3.2015)

Posted byMatej Groseljon16 04 2015. Comments Off on Training in Croatia (23.3.-27.3.2015)

LEMO team had a great educational time once again. This time we were hosted by our Croatian partners – they prepaired a diversified and extensive programme with live-presentation of key croatian e-mobility players.

The first day was already full of action: first, gathering at the coordinator’s place (The school for road traffic and transportation, Zagreb) where the participants got all the information about the training goals, activities and expectations. Then we visited two of the most important croatian EV developers and producers: DOK-ING and Rimac Automobili. DOK-ING already participated at several ev competitions and showed us their electric city car models and development. Later we got a lot of useful information about electric mobility at Rimac Automobili – the guys with their very young and advanced CEO Mate there are producing one of the most powerful electric vehicles: Concept One with more then 1000 hp and 2,8 sec from 0 to 100 km/h! For the record: Concept One is also official race director’s car at Formula E events.

Tuesday was reserved for Ducati Komponenti team at Ludbreg. We were having an enjoying day with Ducati general manager Dražen, that happens to be a very charismatic person. His young and commited team showed us their charging station portofilo with the production facilities that happen to assemble charging stations of different types for many European countries. Partner Avant car provided an electric Nissan Leaf and all the participants could try out the charging procedure. We also tested their E-bike and Free Duck, a funny 4-wheeler that is also being used by italian public service.

On wednesday we were heading towards Zabok, where our partner Ratko and his team from Neteko is actively pursuing sustinable development goals. We got valuable insight into the secrets of solar power charging stations for electric vehicles.

Thursday. Only 2 days left till the end of our second training. The participants were actively debating about the e-mobility concepts and products they saw in the past training days. The best part was of course visiting the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar in Zagreb which is renowned for its advanced research. The EIHP crew also presented PRO-E-BIKE and MOBINCITY projects with the best part coming right at the end: our partner Martina from EIHP explained the results of her analysis: „Customer behaviour and process of purchasing electric vehicles“. Or, perhaps, seeing the croatian technical heritage at the technical museum in Zagreb? 🙂

Friday was unfortunately the last day of croatian training. Our host, prof. Snježana with the team from school for road traffic and transportation in Zagreb summarized the training thoroughly and in an analytic way. We also had the opportunity to see, how the conversion of their e-smart had been executed. Right at the end we were already exchanging our thoughts about the next training in Spain and the possible activities – Jose, it is Your turn and we are looking forward to it 🙂 .